04 March 2007

Carrie Mae Weems (at UofR)

A novel and welcome turn of events occurred at my University this year. The administration (headed by a new president and an even newer dean) funded a "Humanities Project" that has turned out well enough that they renewed funding. The University is heavily orieinted toward science and engineering and the humanities have been largely neglected in the time I have been on campus (nearly a decade and a half). I will spare you the complex and contested history and simply say that I hope that this new project marks the start of an intellectual rejuvenation on campus.

For the past several weeks the College's Hartnett Gallery has been showing work by Carrie Mae Weems in an exhibition called "All About Eve." The exhibition runs through this coming Friday, March 9th.

Weems won the 2005 Distinguished Photographer Award from Women in Photography International. This piece is called "A Negroid Type / You Became a Scientific Profile / An Anthropological Debate / & A Photographic Subject" (1995-1996).

© Carrie Mae Weems

As the images she uses in this piece make clear, Weems is keenly attuned to the exigencies, both historical and contemporary, that define the intersection of race and gender in the United States. And as the title makes clear, she also is attuned to the ways that photography specifically, and representation more generally, contributes to those exigencies. You can find more of her work here.



Blogger Metabedu Connects said...

I was wondering about what you consider the impact of this Humanities project will be. Had you noticed anything after the Carrie Mae Weems exhibit?
Carrie is speaking here at the Cleveland Museum of Art August 26 and I plan to arrange something that garners the most impact I can.

19 May, 2009 13:11  

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