10 March 2007

Jacques in ARTFORUM

Because I have elsewhere characterized Artforum as the Cosmo or Vogue of the "Art World," it is a bit chastening when, periodically, they get carried away with seriousness. For instance, they've gone and devoted very nearly all the relatively few pages not given over to advertising in the latest (March 2007) issue to a set of essays and interviews under the title "Regime Change: Jacques Rancière & Contemporary Art." In addition to an essay by Rancière ("The Emancipated Spectator") and a longish interview with him (conducted by Fulvia Carnevale & John Kelsey), there are essays by Kristin Ross, Paul Chan, Liam Gillick, Thomas Hirschhorn, and Bettina Funck all of which explore not just the general relation of art & politics, but the influence that Rancière's writings have had on specific artists.

PS: You may think I am being unkind to the AF crowd. Perhaps. The Jacques-apalooza begins on page 252. By my count 234 of the preceeding pages are given over to adverts. You decide.

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