02 April 2007

Bridging Differences

A friend sent me a link to this blog hosted by Education Week; it is called "Bridging Differences" and is written by Deborah Meier and Diane Ravitch in a back-and-forth, conversaitonal format. Both of these women are smart and articulate and both have strong, insightful views on educational policy. My own politics tend to run more along the lines that Meier articulates. (Although it is very interesting to see how the two converge on the issue of strong support for teachers unions! [1] [2] ... And it is interesting too that they see this in no small measure as a matter of gender politics.) That said, having read this for a bit, it seems like an excellent forum for exploring alternatives in education and the politics that surrounds it. Moreover, given the extent to which the blog world is dominated by men, it is nice to find another written exclusively by women.



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