31 May 2007

Almanac Magazine

I thought I would take the opportunity to call your attention to a new photography publication Almanac Magazine. The first two issues have appeared, the 3rd is due in June.

In the current issue is a feature "Five Years of Curating Images Against War - Tina Schelhorn" which sketches the German curator's efforts to coordinate a continually growing exhibition (now including work by well over 600 contributing artists) at Galerie Lichtblick in Köln. You can find a selection of images in a slide show at Almanac; and you can find a whole lot more at the IAW exhibition's web page here.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Jim;

I am a Photographer whom lives in Fairport and had been reading your blog for about a year now.

I learned from a Friend (A.S.) you were from Rochester via his blog in April. You have a lot of information to talk about and want to talk with you more...

Call some time for lunch on me...



31 May, 2007 22:17  

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