16 May 2007

Attribution Questions

A week or so ago (7 May) I wrote a post entitled "Color, Anonymity, and Forced Migration" where I discussed, among other things, some work by Jacob Lawrence. Today, I stopped by Open Democracy and discovered this short essay, "'The Great Migration', Jacob Lawrence" (posted 14 May), that coincidently also discusses the very same works. Even more coincidently the (unidentified) author at OD discusses those same works in language that at times is identical to mine. Consider these comparisons:

[JJ] "... Jacob Lawrence's "Migration Series" (1940-41) ** which 'documents' the movement of internally displaced African Americans from the rural South to the urban North in the early 20th C ..."

[OD] "... the "Migration Series" (1941) illustrating the mass migration of African Americans from the rural south to the urban north after the first world war."

[JJ] " ...
Lawrence also tends to paint African Americans in silhouette (hence he's a precursor to, for example, Kara Walker) even as he regularly paints Caucasians with discernable facial features. Lawrence's migrants, then tend to be anonymous, often members of largish groups as in these paintings."

[OD] "
Lawrence's migrants tend to be anonymous, appearing in silhouette in comparison to Caucasians who are depicted with discernable facial features. They are often members of largish groups rather than individuals and the scenes convey the discrimination and lack of identity suffered by African American migrants."

I've contacted one of the editor's at OD's NYC office to see if she has any insight into this seemingly remarkable confluence of topic and language. We'll see.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am writing to apologise for the lack of attribution in our recent Small Picture article on Jacob Lawrence:

We did use your blog in our research on Lawrence and we should not have replicated your views and words without attribution. Text was passed over by me to another colleague to place up on site but I believe the wrong version was put up.

I have now amended the article and attributed your words to you, as well as linking to the blog in the article and in the “further links” section.

Again, I would like to apologise for the confusion. Please do let me know if you are satisfied with our changes to the article.

Rob Cawston
Production Manager

22 May, 2007 06:05  

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