28 May 2007


© John Moore/Getty Images

It is Memorial Day here in the U.S., a holiday meant to remember those (mostly) men who have died in various wars. This heart rending picture appeared in The New York Times today over this caption: "Mary McHugh visited the grave of her fiancé, Sgt. James J. Regan, who was killed in Iraq in February. He is buried in the new Section 60 of Arlington National Cemetery for those killed in Iraq and Afghanistan." It reminded me of this image.

Afghanistan, 1996 - Mourning a brother killed by a Taliban rocket.
© James Nachtwey


Blogger Gudl said...

That IS a powerful capture and so sad.

28 May, 2007 11:06  
Blogger Sarah said...

I'm a canadian, and avid reader of your blog. This may be redundant, but your views and choices are important. Keep on doing what you're doing.

29 May, 2007 12:00  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Sarah, Thanks. Not redundant at all. Jim

29 May, 2007 12:19  

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