29 May 2007

Irresponsibility & Self-Deception Among the NeoCons

When you anticipate that the home audience simply will gaffaw at your rationalizations, why not try a road show? The audience might be more gullible. With that strategy apparently in mind Paul Wolfowitz (top) denied to the BBC that he'd done anything untoward to cause the current fiasco at the World Bank. And his side-kick (ooops, I almost said 'partner in crime') Richard Perle (bottom) was trying to sell a similarly unself-reflective line in an interview with The Guardian regarding his flawed foreign policy judgements in the run up to the Iraq invasion. Neither is willing to take an iota of responsibility. Unfortunately, for our shameless ideologues even the Brits are not so credulous as all that. An earlier commentary at the BBC notes of Wolfowitz that he "was brought down by his actions not his policies." After reviewing those corrupt actions it concludes that "in the end, what he did was his responsibility." In a remarkably similar voice, The Guardian notes not only that Perle too has been tarnished by a set of shady dealings, but that he "continues to cling to a view of events in Iraq that has now been comprehensively discredited."

What makes men like Wolfowitz and Perle dangerous is not just that they espouse idiotic views or take irresponsible actions. That surely is bad enough. What makes them especially dangerous, though, is the seemingly complete absense of understanding of how disasterous their ideas and how corrupt their actions are in fact.

PS: I lifted the images of Paul and Dick from the BBC and The Guardian respectively.



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