03 May 2007

Kidnapping as a Political Weapon

You will notice (I hope) a new banner in the sidebar calling attention to the prediament of BBC Journalist Alan Johnston who has been missing for nearly two months. Click on the banner and it will lead you to the BBC page where you can learn details of the case. Johnston was, it is suspected, kidnapped while working in Gaza by a Palestinian group. It is crucial I think to protest this occurance and to demand Johnston's release for at least three reasons. The first is simply that Johnston's life is in danger. The second is that such abductions threaten the operation of freedoms - of the press, travel, expression and thought that should be available to all. Finally, kidnapping is not a legitimate tool of politics; it is a tool of terror. It is inexcusable and unjustifiable regardless of whether it is carried out by shadowy non-state actors or by governments as a matter of policy.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree! The situation in Gaza is completely out of control. Everyday a new group pops up and tries to make a name for itself by committing a heinous act. What's more, the Iraq war has dramatically changed the nature of journalism in conflict. No longer can the TV sticker command the respect it once enjoyed. These days, everyone is fair game.

03 May, 2007 15:26  

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