11 May 2007

Latest Installment of Genesis

In The Guardian today you can find the latest installment of images from Salgado's "Genesis"project. The essay is here. The image here is an sample I've lifted mostly because it shows his characteristic ability to capture light.



Blogger Stuart said...

Interesting that you mention Salgado's ability to capture light, not really an attribute I'd apply yop his excellent photojournalistic work.

I wonder too what the differences are between his work and the likes of Robert Adams, a long time humainst and enviromentalist, Adams in my opion has a far better command and understanding of light, yet does anyone outside the art world of photography know who he is?

I'm hoping to drag a few more readers over here for you, as an educator I am always enthusiastic to share my discoveries and enjoy thinking and talking about photography at length.

Keep up the good work.

12 May, 2007 16:39  

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