23 May 2007

The New Technology: Color Photography

Coincidently, there have been two interesting stories about the advent of new color technology in the news of the past couple of days. Today in The Guardian you can find a slideshow showing a handful of examples of color work - "autochromes" - that is nearly a century old. Here is an example circa 1910.

"The Dryad" by John Cimon Warburg © The Royal Photographic
Collection at the National Media Museum

And in The New York Times yesterday, this story on the discovery of several images, also "autochromes," made by Edward Steichen in roughly the same era.

"Charlotte Spaulding" by Edward Steichen
© George Eastman House

In light of my last post on Jeff Wall, it seems apparent that the painterly approach, using vivd colors, posed subjects, and so forth hardly is a recent innovation in photographic works.



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