09 May 2007

Reading Around: Pragmatists in Magenta & Cream

A couple of books have appeared this spring by influential pragmatist thinkers, so I thought I'd call them to your attention. The first is The Self Awakened by Roberto Unger about whom I've posted several times lately [1], [2], [3]. The second is Philosophy as Cultural Politics by Richard Rorty who also has made cameo apperances here in the past [1], [2].

On the back of the Rorty book you will find a blurb from the very smart, insightful philosopher Ian Hacking who says, in part: "Wise and immensely readable, these essays hammer home John Dewey's theme: philosophy matters when it changes what we want to talk about, and how we do it. In detail they seem to me to be blissfully right or infuriatingly wrong ..." While no one would accuse Unger of being "immensely readable," Hacking's latter assessment seems to me to be true too of his argument. So, Rorty and Unger share more than a remarkably similar color scheme. They also will both provoke you to reconsider what you talk about and how.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The title shows the very problem: reducing everything to "politics", which is what you also do.

And its not even good, philosophical politics: its all Bush is bad ranting, and all the associated themes that go with it.

Like watching TV repeats.

17 May, 2007 09:59  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Just noticed this comment. You can always watch TV repeats elsewhere.

22 May, 2007 13:16  

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