16 June 2007

Best Shots (Five)

Given the number of these I missed, I thought I'd split what would've been one really long post into two only moderately long ones! One extremely odd feature of the archives at The Guardian is that they typically do not actually reproduce the "shot" that the photographer is talking about. I've hunted images down on the web where possible. I suppose that is some ncentive to keep a sharper eye out.

(19) Jurgen Schadeberg. "Nelson Mandela, 1951"
(14 June '07)

(18) Grace Robertson. Sheep Toss (7 June '07)

(17) Jonas Bendiksen. Bus Stop, Birobidzhan (31 May '07)

(16) Elaine Constantine. "Model Feeding Seagull, Brighton"
(24 May '07)

(15) Dennis Stock. "Tree, Provence" (26 April '07)

[Each Image is © the photographer.]



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