15 June 2007

Best Shots (Four)

Somehow, after noting the first ten in the series [1] [2] [3], I have missed a whole slew of these nice focused and succinct interviews from Leo Benedictus at The Guardian. I'd been watching for them but obviously not very well! In fact, I thought that the series had ended. As before, the photographer's name links to her or his web presence and the date links to the relevant article in The Guardian.

(14) David Corio "Bob Marley" (17 May '07)

(13) Chuck Close. “A Couple of Ways of Doing Something”
(19 April ‘07)

(12) Don McCullin "Scarborough Beach" (29 March ‘07)

(11) Gered Mankowitz. "Rolling Stones, Between the Buttons, 1966"
(22 February '07)

[Each Image is © the photographer.]



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