14 June 2007

Jeff (3)

My son Jeff would've been 15 today; he died two months ago this past Monday - well before he could finish even his freshman year in High School. Yesterday a packet came in the mail from the Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network. They are the folks who coordinate organ donations in this region. They sent a letter describing all the people who received some part of Jeff; his lungs, his liver, his kidneys ... his heart - all went to someone who was in a desperate situation. The recipients included an 11 month old baby girl, a 17 year old boy and several men my age or older. As I've written here before, and as I joked in my eulogy, I hope they each get some of Jeff's wacky spirit too. I miss you every day Jeff.

The other night my oldest son Douglas played in a local high-school senior all-star lacrosse game. I love Doug and am incredibly proud of him.* The game was held at the High School in the neighboring town of Irondequoit (the local champs). As I was watching the game I recalled this sequence of pictures (taken by a friend, Nell Hurley) of Jeff playing against Irondequoit earlier this spring.

Look for the ball in the upper left corner of the net in the final frame. Nothing made Jeff happier than playing lacrosse, except probably scoring on really good older players like this. (The goalie here made High-School All America this year.) Happy Birthday Jeff. I love you.

* (Added later) As I fell asleep last night I realized that I should have said this - Jeff is the only person who might've been prouder of Doug the other evening, who might've been happier to see his success, or who loves him more than me.

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