15 June 2007

M/M (Paris)

A recent story in The New York Times on the design duo Mathias Augustyniak and Michael Amzalag (pictured above) confirmed my suspiscions that they are typically self-important but actually quite shallow fashionistas. Most of what they say seems to me to either (1) completely self-absorbed or (2) banal bullshit [e.g., “This is where we got the idea that there is no such place called art or culture but it’s all interwoven ...”; who cares which one uttered this profundity?] You can find a slideshow of their work here. None of it seems worth the viewers' effort. That said, they have created one image - "Bébé avec Deleuze" - about which I've posted before that is simply a stitch. Hardly redeeming enough I'm afraid.

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