16 June 2007

PRIVATE n.37 (summer 2007)

The Summer 2007 issue (No. 37) of PRIVATE is out. The theme is "An Ecological Question" with photography by: Antonin Kratochvil; Danny Veys; Dean Sewell; Fabio Domenicali; Joe Zammit-Lucia; Kai Bornhöft; Luca Buti; Mike Berube; Nanda Gonzague; Natalie Behring; Olivier Culmann; Pedro Isztin; Ron Haviv; Stefano David; Wolf Böwig; Mira Zdjelar. As always, the issue also includes written text too, this time by: Agata Spinelli; Srinjay Chakravarti; Shanta Acharya; Alessio Zanelli; Antonio Diavoli; Marco Giovenale; Lucy Conticello.



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