11 June 2007

Teddy Cruz

One of the chapters in Rebecca Solnit's new book is an essay she wrote under the auspices of the Center for Arts Policy at Columbia College, Chicago. The Center has commissioned a set of profiles entitled Democratic Vistas. As part of that series Solnit has written an essay entitled "Non-Conforming Uses: Architect Teddy Cruz at the Borders of Tomorrow" on ex-patriot Guatemalan architect Teddy Cruz. You can find a pdf version of her essay here. And you can find a recent story on Cruz from The New York Times here. Basically, Cruz works on the border of San Diego & Tijuana looking at the insights that flow in both directions as practices and living patterns on each side cross back and forth at the border. In April 2005 Cruz delivered the James Stirling Memorial Lectures on the City under the title "Border Postcards: Chronicles from the Edge." Solnit reproduces the image at right - Border Wall Sequence, 2004 © estudio Teddy Cruz - as part of her discussion.

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