30 August 2007

Jeff (4)

For those readers who have followed the posts I've written about my son Jeff, I thought I would call your attention to this this story from the Democrat & Chronicle which is our local Gannett newspaper. Many readers will recall that I have been regularly critical of the D&C - especially for its coverage (or, more accurately the lapses in its coverage) of the Iraq debacle. That said, Jeff DiVeronica who wrote this story and several of the others about Jeff's death has been a very good reporter throughout - decent, sensitive, and objective in doing his job. This story simply makes a final public statement about the County Medical Examiner's report. Jeff died of "natural causes" - a ruptured aneurysm. The was no reason to suspect he had the aneurysm and no way to predict it would burst. Given that, there is nothing anyone might have done to prevent him dying so young. Regardless, I miss him every single day.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry about Jeff. I had been following your blog for a while before it happened.

I have two twin boys and a baby girl and stories like yours really hit home once you're a parent. I hope you're doing alright. All the best from Mexico.

02 September, 2007 23:54  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Alfredo, Thanks. And be extra sweet to your sons and daughter. JJ

04 September, 2007 07:07  

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