30 August 2007

Holiday Weekend? (2)

Well, I am once again spending my Labor Day weekend communing with thousands of other political scientists at the annual convention of the American Political Sciencee Association. This year we are in Chicago, my old place of residence. The weather is supposed to be pleasant and mild and, if nothing else, the meetings give me a chance to see some old friends. The point? It is likely that I will be posting irregularly for a few days.

One good thing about being in here this weekend is tha Chicago Jazz Festival which is free, outdoors, and generally very good. I used to come downtown to the Festival pretty much every year while I was in graduate schoool here. So where the nerdy talk gets to be too much, a short stroll will get me to some good music quickly. This year there are a series of performances by bassist Charlie Haden including one with the "Liberation Music Orchestra" which he has been leading for several decades.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Jim:

I have an unrelated question that I thought I'd post here. What's your take on the U.S. News college ranking system? Do you find it harmful or helpful to students, parents and employers?

02 September, 2007 23:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess you have no interest in answering my question.

08 September, 2007 19:36  

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