30 September 2007

Back on the field ...

Well, yesterday was a really nice day. My oldest son Douglas, played his first College lacrosse game. Actually, it was just a scrimmage against a group of alumni from Nazareth College, the school he is attending here in Rochester. The game was part of a recruiting weekend for players who are still in high school and whom the coach is trying to attract to Nazareth. But, nevertheless, Doug is back out on the field which I know makes him happy. He got quite a bit of playing time and had a nice assist. So he has broken the ice, so to speak.

Doug is wearing number 23 which is the number that his brother Jeff wore last year. One of the seniors on the Nazareth team, Matt Aloi, who had worn that number until yesterday gave up his claim on it so that Doug could wear it. That is the sort of thing that makes me think Doug chose the right team to play for. Thanks Matt!

All day yesterday I kept imagining how happy Jeff would've been to see Doug out on the field at Nazareth. Both boys went to summer camps there from a young age. And both would go over and play on the fields there (which is very close to their Mom's house), imagining what it would be like to really play for the College team. I couldn't be prouder of Douglas. Maybe only Jeffrey could be.

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