09 September 2007

Consuming the American Landscape

This evening I came across the work of John Ganis (b. 1951) who has been working to document the environmental depradations that we've visited on the American landscape. In 2003 he published a book entitled Consuming the American Landscape (Dewi Lewis Publishing) from which I've lifted the images in this post. A couple years back his work was included in a multi-photographer exhibition called Imaging a Shattering Earth that still is touring. You can find more of Ganis's work here.

Landfill Interior, near Milford, Michigan, 1987

Edge of a Landfill, Oklahoma, 1989

Site of a Federal Timber Sale, Willamette National Forest, Oregon, 1997

EPA Cleanup Site, Noranda Mine, Colorado, 1998

Clear Cut in the Hoh Valley, Olympic National Forest, Washington, 1997

Alaska Pipeline, North of Valdez, Alaska, 2001

[All Images in this Post © John Ganis]

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