25 September 2007

Durham Conference

Yesterday I returned to Rochester from a quick foray to England. The conference in Durham was really was quite fascinating. Among the things I learned was how different the ways I think about photography are than is typical among folks with, say, Art History or Literature backgrounds. I suppose that is no surprise, but the exchange was quite a lot of fun. The amount of extremely detailed knowledge of particular photographers or movements that the other participants could put on display was truly impressive.

One of the true pleasures was having the chance to meet and have a drink or several with some bloggers with whom I've exchanged ideas and thoughts, in particular Brenda and Lucy (and the inimitable Captain, too!). Lucy is the person who brought the new Steve Meisel spread to my attention (THANKS Lucy!).

Thanks very much to the conference organizers: Andrea Noble, Ed Welch & Jonathan Long who did a superb job of bringing together smart people and keeping the trains running on time.



Blogger f:lux said...

Oh dear, does that mean I need to apologise about sending the Meisel spread thing?

26 September, 2007 04:16  

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