18 September 2007

Free Speech on Campus

Here is a report from The New York Times on an episode at the University of Florida in Gainesville in which a student is shocked with a taser for speaking in a public forum where Senator John Kerry was the speaker. The kid is a jerk, so what? Last I knew, that is not a criminal offense.

The police are out of control on this - regardless of whatever "procedure" they claim to be following. The young man is grabbed by multiple officers and ultimately attacked with a potentially lethal weapon ~ simply for speaking. And, most pathetically, Kerry does worse than nothing, you can hear him cracking jokes from the podium as the police brutalize the student. You can watch the video here on the Huffington Post. (Thanks to Stan Banos for bringing this to my attention.)


Blogger Stan B. said...

Well, seems Kerry did make some initial, meek attempt to respond (according to the NY Times)- before allowing himself to be drowned out into the background, as is his custom. Didn't he "try" to be president once?

And I hadn't even realized he was cracking jokes about it! Aren't leaders supposed to ummm... lead?

18 September, 2007 10:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what is that officer's name, and what action is being taken to challenge this? It reminds me of that case a few decades ago, can't recall the details, where students were shot and killed for protesting (I think it was about Vietnam).

On the other hand, what was he shouting, and was he trying to reach Kerry in violent protest by forcing his way past the officer? - murdering JFK wasn't acceptable either.

The photo itself doesn't explain the facts. If it was anything like the first case I cited, something should be done. But we don't know that, it should not be assumed, and it was possibly more like the second case I cited.

21 September, 2007 10:22  

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