24 September 2007

Meisel really is porcine ...

Well, I am sitting in Manchester airport waiting for USAirways to get its act together. I had a great time at the "Locating Photography" conference in Durham, about which more later.

Turns out that the fashionistas are up to their tired misogynistic tricks. Vogue Italia has once again opened it pages to the completely tasteless Steve Meisel for a photo-spread "Make Love Not War." You can find the slideshow here. Basically, Meisel presents the women here as hookers - expensively dressed, perhaps, but hookers nonetheless. This is hardly "extraordinary" given that it reflects the basic values of fashion photography as an enterprise. I've lifted a couple of samples (below) you can find the remainder of this fine work here.

P.S.: (Added 27 September): You can find my comments on Meisel's earlier blunders here and here.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

A level of moral bankruptcy that would make Hannah Arendt gasp.

24 September, 2007 07:20  
Blogger Joerg said...

I thought the spread was actually kind of interesting in that it reveals how much "fashion" photography, pornography, and war photography actually derive from one common source. One might argue about the extent of the overlap, but the ease with which the imagery of "fashion" and war are combined is quite telling.

24 September, 2007 09:46  
Blogger Unknown said...

There are few that seem to reference Abu Ghraib. That is stomach turning.

I don't think it is enough to reveal the overlap in war and fashion imagery. You have to provide some critique of that overlap. Otherwise the photographer is just providing titillation. Not saying every fashion spread has to be a dissertation just that perhaps some types of imagery shouldn't be used in a superficial way.

24 September, 2007 11:15  
Blogger Joerg said...

What I don't mean to say is that the photographer (or the magazine) is aware of the overlap I'm talking about. On its own, the spread of course is quite revolting. It's up to us, as viewers, to notice what's going on.

24 September, 2007 12:06  

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