12 September 2007

September 11, Here & Elsewhere

It is difficult to know what to write on the anniversary of a condemnable event. Last year I wrote this post. It seems to me the impulse should be to commemorate the dead and those they left behind by committing ourselves to some show of solidarity with those many people around the world from whom politically animated violence has taken loved ones. This photo from The Guardian seems to do just that. I post it not to castigate those who supported the Pinochet regime and its well-documented crimes (although it does do that too) but as a reminder of those around the world who mourn. We here in the U.S. are among them.

"Santiago, Chile : A woman holds a picture of a missing relative and
places red
carnations at the Morande door of the La Moneda
presidential palace on the
anniversary of the 1973 coup by
General Augusto Pinochet in 1973 against
Salvador Allende"
Photograph: © Ian Salas/EPA

PS: (Added later that same day.) I've come across a couple of blog references [1] [2] to this short essay by Howard Zinn that seem appropriate here. I do not always agree with Zinn's views on politics, but often find his willingness to remind us of the complexities and ironies of American history useful. While I recommend the entire thing, the closing passage in Zinn's essay seems especially relevant:

"When our government, our media, and our institutions of higher learning select certain events for remembering and ignore others, we have the responsibility to supply the missing information. Just telling untold truths has a powerful effect, for people with ordinary common sense may then begin asking themselves and others: What shall we do?"



Blogger Michael said...

Thanks for the reference to Zinn. Of course it would be too radical, but if we are talking about My Lai, then we may one day also be talking about Falluja. But probably not for a while.

13 September, 2007 17:59  
Blogger Unknown said...

Dear Notes on:

Yes, sometimes it is difficult to know what right action to take in honor of those who lost their precious lives on that day of great tragedy...
I bowed down to heartfelt emotions and posted a 9/11 Tribute vid on my own blog today.

13 September, 2007 19:44  

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