06 October 2007

Alexandra Boulat (1962-2007)

Photo: Alexandra Boulat © Time Magazine

Very sad news. The folks at State of the Art and at AP report that Alexandra Boulat died yesterday in Paris at age 45. The obiturary in The New York Times is here. Boulat had been in a medically induced coma since June in an attempt to help her recover from a brain aneurysm. Boulat was, it is safe to say, a terrific, insightful, courageous photographer. I posted about her condition earlier and mentioned there the reasons why her malady hit especially close to home. I've lifted the photograph here from this photoessay on Afghani refugees in Western Pakistan that Boulat had contributed to Time several years ago. You can find a 2006 photoessay ~ "Capturing Gaza's Hell" ~ that Boulat did for Time here. In her narration, Boulat laments the impotence and redundancy of photographs of the travials of the Palestinians. She responds to this by focusing on the mundane, minutia in hopes of approaching Palestinian suffering obliquely. Her work is powerful. My thoughts go to her family and loved ones.

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Blogger Siddhartha said...

A very shocking news! I could hardly expect her to pass away so early. She was not only one of the greatest photographers by her time, she also had a deep concern for the mankind, whenever they were in distress.This is indeed an unrepairable damage.

06 October, 2007 23:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Her Chechnya series is probably the best photojournalism work I have ever seen. Her loss is unfortunate.

06 October, 2007 23:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh no. I hadn't heard yet...this makes me so sad. I have great admiration for her work as a photographer. At least her photographs will live on to inform and inspire those like me who never had the pleasure of meeting her in person.

07 October, 2007 05:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is another point to photograph and journalism. A dutch photographer has written a critical book about journalistic work, about the "truth" and recherche, about media and manipulation.

I like to give in here some links, unfortunately the book is not translated yet into english.

Luyendijk, Joris:
"Wie im echten Leben"
- Von Bildern und Lügen in Zeiten des Krieges

It's of course written in durch and translated into german.





Have a look.

11 October, 2007 04:09  

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