09 October 2007

Andre Gorz (1923-2007)

Social and political theorist Andre Gorz has committed suicide at age 84. The quite touching report from The Guardian is here. Gorz killed himself in a suicide pact with his wife Dorine who was suffering from protracted illness. They are pictured here in an undated, unattributed photograph. His latest published book was the brief Lettre a D. Histoire d'un Amour (2006) in which he reflected on their three decades together.

As an undergraduate my then advisor Jim Fratto taught a course on theories of socialism in which he assigned one of Gorz's books - Strategy for Labor - which made a lasting impression on me. Gorz's notion of non-reformist reforms, alterations in the structure of a political-economic arrangements that were partial yet nonetheless fundamental was a fundamental challenge both to "revolutionary" politics as commonly understood and to incremenatalist views of political change. Although the notion is elusive, it seems also penetrating and provocative. I see in it both echoes of Dewey's views of politics and a precursor to Roberto Unger's current work.



Blogger Stan B. said...

Quite the love story... start to finish.

10 October, 2007 01:37  

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