21 October 2007

Moderating Comments

Well, it has come to this. I have decided to start moderating the comments left on my posts. There is one anonymous commenter who over the course of about a year has shown himself to be a real asshole - bigoted, homophobic, insulting to me and other readers. His comments are uniformly off-point, inane, tiresomely predictable, and offensive. So I will henceforth simply filter them out before they appear. As I note in my profile, I've recently learned that life is too short.

This is truly unfortunate and I apologize to those of you who have been constructive and civil, even in disagreement. You will note that I have added a policy statement to the comments pop-up and sidebar. I will approve all comments that comply with those broad 'rules' as promptly as I am able ~ the blog program makes it quite quick & simple.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, good for you. There are many, many places for people to post stuff, gazillions of other blogs and whatnot.

I say on mine something like "I reserve the right to ignore anything rude", which these days means it doesn't get past the spamblock gatekeeper.

21 October, 2007 19:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's as if the whole class got put in detention because of the one rotten student. It's a shame but to be expected. Keep up the good work, nevertheless.

21 October, 2007 20:15  

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