25 October 2007

The Price of My Subscription (Again)

Yet again [1] [2] [3] [4], Katha Pollitt single-handedly makes subscribing to the The Nation worthwhile. Her column this week "With Facts on Our Side," complete with an allusion to Dylan, calls attention to a recent essay in The Lancet (Vol.370, #9595, 13 Oct. 07) on the worldwide incidence of abortion. Turns out that (1) making it illegal does not decease the incidence of abortion, it only makes the process more dangerous to women and (2) the best predictor of low rates of abortion is widespread and easy availability of contraception. You would think that 'pro-life' types who want to miniize the practice of abortion would stop their efforts to impose legal restrictions on abortion and start working instead to make sure contraception is widely and easily available. Fat chance.
P.S.: (Added 26 October) From openDemocracy comes this report on an international Conference in London this past week focusing on the task of making abortion safe and available. Also at oD is this report on abortion politics in Brazil.

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