08 October 2007

A Reminder of the Usefulness of Walls for Politics

Both Photos: GERMANY—The remains of the Berlin Wall, 1990.
© Josef Koudelka / Magnum Photos

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The people that do that would probably rob me at knife point if I walked there at night. Probably you as well, Jim. They know nothing about Marx, don't care, and are quite likely to be unpleasant people. You shouldn't create these false agendas. The world needs truth and clarity, not bias and spin.

At the very least I question what is, effectively, your propagandist use of photography.

09 October, 2007 05:14  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Anon. I have no idea what you are ranting about here. Koudelka, a Czech emigre, took pictures of what used ot be the Berlin Wall. I happen to like his work very much and have said so here several times in the past. What that has to do with being attacked at knife-point by taggers or why you need to assume that they would even notice you, is beyond me. I posted two photos without comment because I felt that I'd posted too many words lately. Why is that "propagandistic"?

09 October, 2007 07:52  

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