17 October 2007

When It Rains ....: Local Events for 18 October

Rochester is an extremely sleepy town intellectually. So it is a bit frustrating when provocative events are scheduled in direct conflict with one another. That is what happens tomorrow evening.

You can go to hear Patricia Williams - on faculty at Columbia Law School and columnist for The Nation - at RIT at 7 pm; her talk is entitled “Conjoined Identities and the Corporatized Body.”


You can go to a presentation by artist Alfredo Jaar at the Memorial Art Gallery, also at 7 pm. His lecture is scheduled in conjunction with the exhxibition "TRANSactions: Contemporary Latin American and Latino Art."

If you are in the area go to one of these at least. Who knows when there will be any similar events in town.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Yeah its sleepy here as well.
Same old, same old.....

17 October, 2007 17:47  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Feel free to find a place more to your liking. The invitaiton to leave is always open! Bye!

17 October, 2007 18:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


goddamn pinko propagandist jerk-off

18 October, 2007 14:24  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Anon, Well, I like the phrase prior to the !; after that, well, I gues you are a bit out of sorts today. Bye! Jim

18 October, 2007 20:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bye, lefty cunt-boy!

i guess youre just the same

19 October, 2007 15:51  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Anon .... My, my, we are articulate today! Its been a long time since I've been addressed in so pathetic a way.

19 October, 2007 20:04  

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