20 November 2007

Bilal Hussein Update

Photojournalist Bilal Hussein (center) visiting
his brother and nieces, November 2004.

More than a year ago I posted on the predicament of Bilal Hussein an Iraqi photographer working for AP who'd been detained by the U.S. Military on suspicion of espionage and aiding Iraqi insurgents. He has been held without charge for 19 months. Today The New York Times is running this update on his case (you can read discussion at The Guardian here). He is being brought to the Iraqi judicial system to face as yet unspecified charges. According to the story AP remains adamant that the military's suspiscions are unfounded.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"According to the story AP remains adamant that the military's suspiscions are unfounded."

And according to others, they are not.


21 November, 2007 14:51  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Anon (still a coward, I see),

So? Which others do you have in mind? Anyone who actually knows the case better than the people he worked with? Can we believe the US military who've held the guy for 19 months and never brought any charges against him? If he is plausibly guilty let them bring him to court and make their best case. We allegedly are fighting for "democracy" and "the rule of law" in Iraq but are busy flaunting them repeatedly in our own practices. I hope some day you are detained and plead a habeas corpus case only to be ignored. I hope you some day have to rely on a free press for something other than the basebal scores. Once again, you offer a pathetic, sniveling comment.

21 November, 2007 15:12  

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