29 November 2007

Institute a Draft or Withdraw

That is the choice that a group of (once career, now former) U.S. Army officers insist we face in Iraq; it is not news on the home front, really. These are essentially the only alternatives I have seen as plausible for some time. Since I have a draft age son and since I think the fundamental Bush foreign policy was flawed and duplicitous from the start, you know which option I would support. But I am just a left-wing academic out to warp young minds. So don't listen to me. Listen instead to some of those responsible for implementing the BushCo policy "on the ground" in Iraq. These are men and women who intially supported the war, who went off to fight for their country, and who now have returned wholly disillusioned. Read what they say. Listen to their voices. You can read The Washington Post Op-Ed where these officers state their case here. There was a recap report on npr yesterday morning. (You might also want to consult this New York Times Op-Ed from mid-August in which a half-dozen enlisted men and non-commisioned officers voice their quite similar assessment of conditions 'on the ground' in Iraq.)

Instead of listening to Bush (or his lackies) and the various spineless Democratic and Republican candidates vying to replace him, let alone the propagandists at Fox or CNN or various beltway Think Tanks, or, for that matter, a bunch of generals worried about their careers [1 2 3], listen to the folks who have been off fighting in this doomed war. Bring the troops home.

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Blogger William & Susan said...

Certainly, it's time for a draft. I've been in favor of a draft since the beginning of the war. Here's why. Unless parents like me have some skin in this Iraq debacle, it will continue long past the time when the smirking chimp finally flees the White House.
As long as it's someone elses kid all we'll do is complain about the war. And our complaints are mostly centered on the war's damage to the economy. But if it was MY son or daughter drafted for Iraq I'd be in Washington DC throwing rocks and molotov cocktails at the cops firing rubber bullets and teargas at me.

29 November, 2007 22:25  
Anonymous Dawei from Beijing said...

It's safe to say that a U.S. pull out of Iraq, of any significance, is wishful thinking. And now that the surge seems to be leading to substantial security gains, the whole debate is more or less dwindling down in the media. The final outcome - which may take several decades like South Korea, Japan, or Taiwan - will probably be a permanent base with 30 thousand or so troops and a somewhat viable Iraqi state, if not a prosperous one due to the black gold.

30 November, 2007 01:40  

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