16 December 2007

The Architecture of "Aggressive Interrogation" (Torture)

These are architectural renderings of cells in a CIA "black site" in Afghanistan. They are based based on the testimony of a Yemeni man ~ Mohamed Farag Ahmad Bashmilah ~ arrested by the Jordanians, transfered to the CIA (tortured by both), held for 19 months, and then released having never actually charged with any crime.* Oooopppps!

Among the ironies of our times: lots of people (probably not enought to matter) have got their knickers in a knot because BushCo and their media minions outed an undercover CIA agent. But the CIA hardly is an admirable outfit. So many of us are caught criticizing the administration's treasonous behavior even though it involves subverting spooks who contribute to this sort of deplorable practice.

This past week lots of folks (again, probably not enough to matter ) rightly got their knickers in a knot about two torture video-tapes that CIA has destroyed. You will notice that the drawings indicate that each of the cells Bashmilah describes contained a camera. I doubt that the images/tapes made by these cameras are available to any oversight bodies.
* You can find more renderings here and Bashmilah's story here.

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