20 December 2007

Oooopppps! Even More Mistakes from Guantánamo

Three prisoners returned to Britain after being held at Guantánamo for four years without charge. The three, expatriots from Jordan, Algeria and Libya, were British residents prior to their detentions. Neither U.S. nor British agencies have been able to establish that any of the men pose a danger. That despite allegations that the three have been tortured while in captivity. The story is in The Times here and in The Guardian here. Yes, two of the three have been accused by Spanish authorities of belonging to terrorist organizations. The evidence for that appears weak, but who knows? But notice a really astounding thing. The British convened bail hearings, scheduled extradition hearings, and Spanish officials seemingly plan to hold an actual trial in which the accused are allowed to confront the evidence against them, have legal representation, and so forth. What an idea - public legal proceedings with protections for individual rights!

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