14 December 2007

Political Graphics

Of the various liberal 'political' blogs I find The Huffington Post to be consistently the most useful and insightful. The folks at The Post are selling several spiffy anti-GOP posters as a fund raising project meant to underwrite efforts to display large outdoor versions of the graphics during the elections next year. You can find their political rationale and sales pitch here and here. I think the graphics are well done and I agree with the concluding question "Haven't We Had Enough?". The short answer is "Yes!". The answer the posters offer is "democrats '08."

Unfortunately, I hardly am sanguine that replacing BushCo with Democrats is going to change much at all. Why? I have been disagreeing with my friend Susan Orr about this matter pretty consistently. I do not think the Dems are at all progressive. Indeed, some (e.g., Hilary) are right-of-center on matters of foreign policy and the economy. As a current 'for instance,' I am hardly surprised about the fact that Democratic leaders in Congress apparently failed to speak up when briefed on the CIA torture* techniques. Yes, we've had enough. I only wish the Democrats represented something like a progressive alternative.

* And for those who want to talk about "aggressive" or "harsh" interrogation techniques, let's please just cut the crap. If you want to endorse torture do so. Stop waffling, ~ waterboarding is torture [1] [2].



Blogger Stan B. said...

The truly amazing thing is that Arianna Huffington was herself a hardcore Republican wingnut!

If only the Dems could have such an epiphany...

14 December, 2007 22:17  
Blogger AMEN said...

i think that you are assuming, in writing this, that democracy actually exists within our system. however, nothing short of a total reform of our socio-economical climate, educational structure, and foreign policy would allot any sort of change.

this all leads to an indictment upon our existing allegiance to corporate power, which pulls the strings on the puppet show of american democracy. our media acting as attack dogs, instead of bloodhounds, the religious minority still maintaining a non discreet amount of control over education, and big money acting as big "deciders" (a favorite butchering of the english language courtesy of gw) show evidences of an existing control larger than rep/dem/green/lib.

once we begin to realize the non-power of the ballot versus the true power of our dollar, and our labor, be it working class, media, literary, or artistic, then we will set forth the foundation for the deconstruction of american imperialism, both abroad and internally.

oh, and i enjoy your blog.


16 December, 2007 01:09  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Michael (I tracked down your blog - which is terrific.) Thanks for the comment. I admit that I vacillate on the topic of 'Decmoracy in America.' Clearly our electoral system generates (for well understood reasons) impoverished ranges of 'choice.' And then there is the obvious and disheartening influence of $$$ in politics. That said, we do have space for talking and interating and dissent and, well, making art. And that sapce is crucially important insofar as it affords room for hope and anger and humor to get some political traction. Maybe.

16 December, 2007 09:33  

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