10 December 2007


I am Pakistani. PRIVATE #39 (Winter 2007-08).

Tapu Javeri, Religious spaces; Sana Manzoor, Promise; Tanveer Shahzad, The chief justice crisis - Lal Masjid; Stephan Andrew, An ordinary view; Faysal Mujeeb, Tampered space; Syed Javaid A. Kazi, Sacred Companions; Syed Tahir Jamal, The rain dance; Fahim Siddiqi, Chapters for thought…; Kohi Marri, Returning to Pakistan; Izdeyar Setna, Dreams of hope; Arif Hussain, The measured cycle; Arshad Ghori, Children at work and play; Aasim Akhtar, Actual people; Asim Hafeez, Karachi lady boy; Ayesha Vellani, Myriad communities; Arif Mahmood, The diverted path.

Alamgir Hashmi; Amy Hope; Anjum Wasim Dar; Basir Sultan Kazmi; Debjani Chatterjee; Ernest Dempsey; Faiza Shah; Muhammad Dawood Jan; Nasir Kazmi ; Nayyar Khan; Qudsia Z. Bhatty; Zohra Jabeen.



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