13 December 2007

The Valley of the Shadow of Death (4) ~ Reflections

The discussion Errol Morris prompted in The New York Times around the authenticity or otherwise of Roger Fenton's photograph of 'the valley' has been remarkable in several respects, not least the sheer volume of commentary he has elicited. Here is yet another installment in which Morris responds to some of the comments.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's inevitable, I know, that I'll post about this at some point, and I've been watching the whole saga unfold with a great deal of interest. The commentary is fascinating. It's one of those memorable examples of crowd-sourced writing, and it's developing a life of its own as an art form, beyond the context of the photographs under discussion.


I was tempted to add to the volume of words with a piece titled 'balls or no balls' but I'm not sure the double-entendre really works. ;)

Blogger/Google has changed the way it allows comments, to restrict linkability to people with their own accounts. I'm not anon, but have had to put my link in by hand. Tsk.. sorry, Jim.


13 December, 2007 19:23  

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