29 December 2007

Why Cheap Art?



Blogger AMEN said...

speaking of cheap art, jim, wwe are trying to sell as much of our (my wife's and my own) art as possible this weekend. tell your friends to check out my blog, www.paintamen.blogspot.com and my wife's www.fairopheliadesigns.blogspot.com

truth is, we have two kids, live on art sales, and this season has been painfully slow, so we are moving art at nearly any price offered.

i know this sounds like a solicitation, and i don't mean it to, it is just that in a capitalistic, consumerist society, any statement of need is taken for begging, and this is no the case. people just seemed to wrapped in buying ipods and nintendos to think about the lasting happiness art can provide a home.


29 December, 2007 18:34  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Hey Michael, I am actually happy to provide promote Angela's wares. So, readers, you can check out her bags (which do look quite cool) at

29 December, 2007 19:18  

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