30 January 2008

Democratic Voters 'Transcend' Race & Gender in Florida Primary

So much for transcendence. If you eyeball the numbers printed in The New York Times you will note that Men voted heavily for Obama or Edwards, Women voted just as heavily in favor of Clinton. You will note too that Obama received nearly three-quarters of the African-American vote, with the bulk of the rest going to Clinton. (It is hard to see much in the non-Cuban Hispanic vote; apparently no Cubans vote Democratic in national elections.)

What I find truly stunning is that self-described liberal and very liberal voters opted overwhelmingly for CLINTON, the Republican wannabe, while Edwards who, if anything, has the most progressive policies on economics among the remaining candidates, gets a disproportionate bunch of support from those who deem themselves fairly conservative (can you say white men?). Obama supporters are drawn more or less uniformly from across ideological groups.

My friend Susan Orr points out The Times seems to have missed completely the local issue - a tax reform referendum - that brought people to the polls in Florida despite the fact that "no delegates were at stake."

My own view is that there will be no Democratic candidate in the general presidential election. It will either be Clinton who is Republican-lite or Obama who naively proclaims "change" based on bi-partisanship. So, the Republicans win regardless of whether their candidate is victorious or not. (Indeed, now that Edwards has decided to drop out, this situation is certain.)



Blogger Tom White said...

My wife points out - somewhat tongue in cheek I might add! - that this election will be a good indication of whether Americans are in general A) Mostly sexist or B) Mostly racist.

31 January, 2008 12:47  

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