13 January 2008


Here at blogging heads are two middle-aged, middle-class white guys from right-wing rags yammering on about the way abortion appears in recent films. Gee fellas, do you think anyone, anywhere wants to have an abortion? Perhaps the movies you are talking about aim to capture some part of the real wrenching conflict women experience when confronting unwanted pregnancies. This is pathetic.


Anonymous Dawei from Beijing said...

Blogging-Heads is generally pretty obnoxious, don't you think so?

13 January, 2008 19:36  
Blogger AMEN said...

these guys are ridiculous. who in the hell wants to break down the deeper sociological issues behind a steve carrel flick? it is comedy. period.

while we are at it, i think national lampoon's christmas vacation, starring chevy chase, has an inherently anti-semitic undertone, in it's blatant promotion of a traditionally goyom holiday. this is just show casing hollywood, a traditionally jewish friendly town, and their own deep self hatred. right?

and the mask with jim carrey is one of the most socially irresposible films promoting self mutilation to a generation of children already predisposed to eating disorders and fetish tattooing.

see? moronic!

14 January, 2008 01:08  

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