21 January 2008

The New York Times as Right Wing Propaganda Sheet

Well, Bill Kristol has taken his propaganda campaign to The New York Times with full force, insisting that critics of the war have been wrong about the BushCo 'surge.' Unfortunately for Bill, The Times also is publishing stories that make him look, once again, like a complete bullshitter [1] [2] [3]. For example, The Times points out that the Government Accountability Office has issued a report showing that the BushCo claims about the amount of money the Iraqis have spent on reconstruction are basically fiction. And, of course Bill's got a crush on David Petreaus who peddled the bullshit on reconstruction funding when he testified to Congress last fall. The day after Bill published his screed, the Iraqi Defense Minister noted on a visit to the U.S., that it would be at least a decade before the Iraqis could manage to maintain internal security and defend their own orders. That sounds like real progress to me! And, of course, Bill completely overlooks the fact that not only was 2007 the deadliest year for uniformed military personnel in Iraq, but that there are several plausible causal stories for whatever improvement he insists on attributing to the surge [4]. (For example, since according to The Times 15% of the Iraqi population is either internally displaced or in refugee status abroad, it just might be that conflict has declined because the combatant populations are no longer in proximity to one another.)

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Blogger Joe said...

Did the management of The New York Times ever provide any explanation for why they hired this stooge?

22 January, 2008 00:39  

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