29 January 2008

Recovering from W's Address on "The State of the Union"

I've just gotten done listening to the address. I have two initial responses. First, W is delusional. He simply reasserted every disastrous policy he and his minions have implemented - tax cuts for the rich, no child left behind, Iraq, etc. He droned on about how compassionate Americans are. Please stop! Second, and on a more policy-wonk level, it is important to repudiate his nonsensical claim that somehow nuclear plants represent an appropriate or effective response to global warming. Late last summer Rebecca Solnit in an essay in Orion offered a long list of obvious retorts to that wacky assertion. Why isn't Rebecca running for President?

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Anonymous Dawei from Beijing said...

The most conservative estimate says that China and India will increase the global consumption of fossil fuels by at least 50% over the next three decades. Even if the Western powers reach every ambitious benchmark they've set for themselves, the world will still be omitting 50% more carbon into the atmosphere in the next thirty years. I think people really need to stop with this global warming bullshit. This is a fight we can't win.

28 January, 2008 23:11  
Anonymous Dawei from Beijing said...

Have a look here:


28 January, 2008 23:13  

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