31 January 2008

It Is Torture, Period.

"The new tyranny, like other recent ones, depends, to a large degree,
on a systematic abuse of language. Together we have to reclaim our
hijacked words and reject the tyranny’s nefarious euphemisms; if we
do not, we will be left with only the word shame." ~ John Berger

Testicles V © Selma Waldman

Waterboarding © Selma Waldman

Today a woman whom I do not know left a comment on my last post. Her name is Susan Noyes Platt; she is an art historian and (judging from one picture of an extremely cute baby boy she 's posted on her blog) grandmother, based in Seattle. You can find the web page with an advance notice of Susan's forthcoming book as well as a link to her blog, here.

In any case, I lifted these two images from Susan's blog. (Thanks!) They are from a series of chalk drawings by Selma Waldman an artist about whom I cannot find much on-line. Both images very much call to mind paintings by Leon Golub about which I've posted here and here and here. Unfortunately, while Golub had to work from images from S&M porn magazines, Waldman can work from the direct descriptions of those who actually have experennced the "harsh interrogation techniques" sanctioned by BushCo.

The second drawing reminds me that Attorney General Michael Mukasey is very nearly as much of a slug as his predecessor. In testimony before Congress this week he adopted a wholly disingenuous position on the use of waterboarding by U.S. Intelligence Agents. [1] [2] [3] For this he is being roundly and justifiably criticized. [4] [5] Soon, like his predecessor and his boss, our current Attorney General will find himself up to his elbows in this filth. His testimony this week amounted to a big step in that direction.

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