23 January 2008

Tumbling Down: A(nother) Reminder of How Vulnerable Walls are in Politics

Thousands of Palestinians crossed the Rafah border into Egypt.
Photograph © Abid Katib/Getty Images.

Palestinain militanats in Gaza have upended the Security Wall dividing the Palestinian territory from Egypt. The photo above, lifted from The New York Times report depicts some of the reported 350,000 Palestinians who have crossed the border mostly to see relativess or to purchase food, fuel and other scarce commodities, but in some instances as a first step toward emigrating. You can read additional reports in The Guardian and Ha'aretz.



Anonymous Anonymous said...


So these Muslims will try and get into countries illegally, Britain in particular which has a big problem with this, and we can expect even more problems with these people and their religious terrorism, seperatism, and intolerance.

If Islam is so great, why don't they try and emigrate just a few hundred miles away to an Islamic country instead of enter the non Islamic West which is thousands of miles away?

Indeed, if the Ummah is so great why doesn't the neighbouring Ummah try and help and why hasn't it ever done so?

24 January, 2008 14:44  

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