12 January 2008

Walter Mosley

Walter Mosely, Los Angeles, 29 April 2007.
Photograph © Charley Gallay/Getty Images.

Writer Walter Mosley was born 12 January 1952. I have posted here and here on the ways his fiction subtly helps readers see in color. In addition to his novels, Mosley has written several thoughtful political essays [1] [2] [3]. In these essays Mosley articulates a deeply democratic (small d) sensibility, asks a set of common sense questions, and challenges his readers as women and men with an abiding stake in politics. He aims to start an argument. And he really doesn't put much stock in the sort of excuses that will readily come to your lips. So here are three sentences, exhortations really, one from each of his essays:
"We must raise our voices and object to the gutless cynicism and pessimism that so many Americans hold onto like a security blanket."

"Maybe we can have wild dreams that are beyond what we are told is possible."

"If the circumstances of life don't bring us together and force us to act in concert, then we must create our own circumstances."

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