03 January 2008

Lucinda Devlin

"Witness Room, Petosi Correctional Center, Petosi, Missouri, 1991"
© Lucinda Devlin. (From The Omega Suites).

Since the death penalty is on the legal agenda in the U.S. these days, I thought it would be appropriate to post on Lucinda Devlin's photographs of death chambers in various of the states. You an find a bunch of her photographs here. And the series has been published by Steidl too. I find her images of the spectator sections especially interesting since my view is that if we retain the death penalty we should have a lottery (analogous to the one we have for, say, jury duty) that would assign people to witness executions. Service, like jury duty, would be mandatory ~ a cost or duty of citizenship. This sort of policy would mean, I think, expanding the seating so that more citizens could fulfill their obligation and witness the consequences of their political stances.

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Love it the most to say the least!!!

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