17 February 2008

Aral Sea (again)

"Two views of the Aral Sea: Above, a satellite image of the Aral
Sea, on the border between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, in 1964. In
the middle of the image is Vozrozhdeniya Island, which was isolated
from the mainland. Below, the Aral Sea in 2006. By that year, the
Aral's water level had fallen more than 20 meters, and Vozrozhdeniya
Island had become a large peninsula. The former borders of the
Aral Sea are outlined in red."

Last spring I posted on the convergences between two photographers - Dieter Telemans and Radek Skrivanek - who had independently undertaken projects documenting the changed boundaries of the Aral Sea. This morning npr broadcast this interesting story on what sounds like an amazing project using satelite images to reveal a variety of changes and patterns due to human practices and movements. As I have noted a couple times before [1] [2] aerial photos sometimes afford an extremely useful vantage point. But space sometimes makes the view even sharper.

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