22 February 2008

Best Shots (14)

(32) Sølve Sundsbø Mim/Coldplay (14 February 08)


I cannot find the portrait Glanville has chosen on-line in a liftable form.** You can find it on the photographer's web page in the "portraits" gallery. Here, though, is what Glanville says about it:
People I've photographed don't always take much interest, but he was quite chuffed by it, I think. I think it treads an incredibly fine line between showing him as a person and as a victim. But it is not a picture of a man's nose. It is a picture of a man.
(33) Toby Glanville Butler, Oxford, 1988 (21 February 08)
** Updated 10 March 08. I located this copy of Glanville's shot and added it today.



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