05 February 2008

Deutsche Börse Prize 2008 - Final Four

Stockport Viaduct, England, 1986 © John Davies
"The Photography Prize worth £30,000 is awarded annually to an international photographer who is judged to have made the greatest contribution to photography over the previous year. This year's finalists are John Davies (UK), Jacob Holdt (Denmark), Esko Männikkö (Finland) and Fazal Sheikh (USA). Founded in 1996, the Photography Prize has become one of the most prestigious international arts awards."
By my lights there is actually some competition this year; that means I get to write a post on who I think should win and why. Coming Soon! I am posting this photograph by John Davies because it may remind my friend Susan of home.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fazal Sheikh's is my choice, by far. His images are gorgeous! He has that rare eye for poetry and mystery. I think John Davies's work is really bland, Holdt too politically and socially charged to a point where I cannot enjoy the images, and Mannikko is just another typical boring, hipster, ironist .

06 February, 2008 02:58  
Blogger slidelines said...

I really like the work of John Davies in particular the juxtaposition of the old and new when he returns to the same spot years later. His work is a great observation on the change over time of our landscape both urban and otherwise. I am going to talk of his at the photographers gallery in london next week which should be good.

13 February, 2008 13:18  

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